The concept behind this project, is to primarily promote the consequence of a person’s interactions with others they interact with and how these interactions impact upon their present day situation. A person’s interactions can be influenced by many factors not least external factors.

A person’s interactions can be influenced by the surroundings that they find themselves in, just as they can be influenced by the timing and reasoning behind an interaction. Questions to be considered can be.

Is the interaction planned?

Is the interaction unintended?

External factors can amongst other things be represented by the likes of laws, government guidelines and so on. In short, an interaction can be influenced by external factors that are not physically present at the time of an interaction. Influences can have an omnipresent nature that can have a prevailing influence upon a person and their personal interactions.

It should be mentioned that not all interactions are between physical beings. A person can interact with their surroundings, a person can interact with ‘entities’ that may only be visible to that person and not to others. These interactions are also of interest to this project

By presenting cases it is hoped that an individual person’s dilemmas and problems can be acknowledged and understood. Cases should be understood in the context of the source of dilemma / interaction.

The presented cases can range from Government Policies to an individual person’s dilemma /situation.

Every person is unique in their own form,  as they are in their construction.

In a society of many, it is more likely than not, that specific values and standards exist. These values and standards are thought of as being normal.

The way in which people try to conform or refuse to conform to a given societies normalities is of great interest to this project. As is the way in which in societies attempt to include people or contribute to the exclusion of individuals from a society’s normalities. 

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