Case presentation is a project that focuses on presenting cases to the international community. The cases presented are short presentations. These short presentations have a keen focus upon interactions and how they can be impacted by internal and external factors. The way in which these factors impact upon the equilibrium of established interactions are to studied. Cases are presentated on the blog pages.

man, old, elderly-4191143.jpg in association with

angel, wing, little angel-2909614.jpg’s research & innovation supports and expands the work and solutions offered to clients after they have presented the issues they require help in addressing. The Danish website provides services for persons and organisations affected by changes in circumstances and decisions that affect their circumtance.


Research & innovation

We offer a service whereby we can research specific areas of interest and offer an alternative approach to understanding social problems / dilemmas. CaseInteraction has a keen interest in social problems. Our approach can be tailored to focus upon social problems from a micro or macro perspective.

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